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Under the heading “Regional” then still popping the entries of the book industry and of the Locationfinders Once sorted by city or region on. “Fashion and jewellery” bridal designers, bridal shoe producers and jewelers present trends, as well as their current and upcoming Collections. The visitors get here any suggestions, what just in and what brands there is – and then buy with concrete ideas wedding dresses, lingerie, suits, shoes and wedding rings in the shop. It comes to honeymoons and weddings abroad at “Travel” a so extensive information on these topics is online rare-to-find: explains how will updates to formalities and tour operators, hoteliers and service providers present their objectives and offers in foreign destinations. A leading source for info: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. For the presentations in the headings, there are different possibilities, the marketing team personally gives information about the advertising opportunities.

In the context of the anniversary year 2010 additional promotional packages with attractive conditions are offered. One should know the advertiser in any case: an appearance in the appropriate field of the weddix can be used to not only direct Generate queries, but also targeted to improve the placement of own Web page on the Internet. In addition to classic entries, but also other forms of advertising such as banners and winning game actions are offered the company. You can buy also in the newsletter, which is sent out twice a month to 85,000 users. Description of the company is the busiest wedding portal with online shop in the German-speaking world.

Future as already-Wed brides and grooms, wedding guests and organizers visit the Web site to prepare for the big day. Also “normal love” suggestions and get gifts for Valentine’s day, such as here. The Hochzeitsshop focuses on quality as creative paper products, accessories, decoration materials and gifts, as well as the individual printing service. Under the headings of Advisor, regional, YellowPages, venues, fashion and jewelry, and travel are current and trend information about the organisation and equipment of a wedding in the country and abroad – and the honeymoon planning. Lets under service set up a wedding registry. Members share a lively in the weddix the Community Forum. The weddix GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The corporate idea man in the wedding planning of the founding couple Sylke and Thoralf. Today, over 25 employees to ensure the success of the Internet portal, which belongs to the selection of Web sites that can boast of visits and PIs IVW-tested numbers worry. Company contact: weddix GmbH Edith axe Lorenz-Huber-Strasse 9a 85540 hair Tel: 089-42 00 17 45 E-Mail: Web: Helps Users Of Save Shipping Costs Helps Users Of Save Shipping Costs

The shipping calculator for each item sold and each region provides an overview of the appropriate shipper Munich, 08th March 2010 the dispatch follows on the sale of an article on the Internet for private Classifieds advertisers mostly. For even more analysis, hear from Gavin Baker, New York City. This is expensive, the settlement – especially for small articles – can quickly diminish the sales profit. Therefore, starting immediately the shipping cost calculator by integrated in its classified ad market. The new service in the login area of the user creates transparency among the multitude of supra-regional and regional logistics service provider. The shipping cost calculator provides an overview of the appropriate shipper on each sold item and for each region.

That there are also numerous regional delivery services, is not known to many individuals”, says Dirk Habermann of Here we help our users find the cheapest provider.” Shipping is calculated on the concrete indication of the sale article or its dimension and weight. After the seller can Compare price, maturity, and pick up the shipping provider option. He opts for a shipper, he can start the shipping order instantly online and print the shipping slip on your home computer. Passes upon request of the contracted service providers even to the desired date and get the package from this also saves time. The GmbH was founded in October 2008 and operates a free consumer portal around the subject of delivery at the address. Shareholders are the PARCOM Deutsche private equity GmbH, headquartered in Munich, as well as private investors. maintains with all conventional and leading logistics company cooperation agreements. There is also a special attention to the cooperation with well-known and relevant Internet portals as a media partner. is the largest portal for all cities and towns of in Germany and leader in the local search. provides local, cultural, economic and tourist information to Internet users. These include Industry addresses, telephone numbers, events, Classifieds, maps, jobs, real estate and vehicle markets. is an offer of the AG. The portfolio of the Internet media company, the Web catalogue and online dating site also includes the local community. Press contact versandtarif. Goes Online Goes Online

The interactive topics search engine gives a quick overview of numerous user rarely are only looking for a single topic. Realizing this simple designed the EasyShare Web GmbH in quantities of the new Themensuchmaschine The portal is now online. The name says it: such as the air traffic controller in the Tower, the user receives overview of offers to the topics, events, Classifieds, abroad, shopping, real estate and used cars. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. is interactive Themensuchmaschine, price comparison and search in one. The portal has been deliberately reduced to its core mission: the simple search for attractive, low-cost online services to different categories. Internet customers find everything on a surface. And you find what you are looking for, fast.

Cross traffic by breadth of offerings also show statistics on user behaviour on the Internet that often only a single product is sought. If a market space is attractively designed, and then searches to buy what you are currently not actively looking for here. And the Internet is via Mouse quickly from the used car purchase at the Wochenendplanung. Attractive”in this case means primarily: open in presentation and navigation, as well as informative in the content. One of the most important features is the quick discoverability of the wanted. Bandwidth brings traffic”cross, Mehmet Kocabas manifests itself to this project.

The Managing Director of easy Web brings in this project over 15 years experience in e-commerce and in the design of range-heavy portals and addresses with the project include the operator of specialized e-commerce portals: for online-shop operators, offers a convenient interface for the presentation and marketing of their products. Marketers find a streamlined interface with growing numbers of users on Operators of category pages for real estate, cars, jobs or events will find to a new, effective way, highly-skilled Besuchertraffic with Cost-per-click to the fixed price: cheap promotional prices without compromise as opposed to other Portals with easy Web relies on a simple and powerful concept of advertising for websites and portal operators: the success-oriented cost-per-click model offers a uniform and non-dynamic price per click and is therefore easily predictable for advertisers. “The success is Mehmet Kane right: with the beginning of the beta phase, has grown to a substantial number of daily users already after a few days of operation, and Google has indexed very quickly our new pages”, the Internet expert from Swabia is pleased.