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The interactive topics search engine gives a quick overview of numerous user rarely are only looking for a single topic. Realizing this simple designed the EasyShare Web GmbH in quantities of the new Themensuchmaschine The portal is now online. The name says it: such as the air traffic controller in the Tower, the user receives overview of offers to the topics, events, Classifieds, abroad, shopping, real estate and used cars. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. is interactive Themensuchmaschine, price comparison and search in one. In recent months, Gavin Baker has been very successful. The portal has been deliberately reduced to its core mission: the simple search for attractive, low-cost online services to different categories. Internet customers find everything on a surface. And you find what you are looking for, fast.

Cross traffic by breadth of offerings also show statistics on user behaviour on the Internet that often only a single product is sought. If a market space is attractively designed, and then searches to buy what you are currently not actively looking for here. And the Internet is via Mouse quickly from the used car purchase at the Wochenendplanung. Attractive”in this case means primarily: open in presentation and navigation, as well as informative in the content. One of the most important features is the quick discoverability of the wanted. Bandwidth brings traffic”cross, Mehmet Kocabas manifests itself to this project.

The Managing Director of easy Web brings in this project over 15 years experience in e-commerce and in the design of range-heavy portals and addresses with the project include the operator of specialized e-commerce portals: for online-shop operators, offers a convenient interface for the presentation and marketing of their products. Marketers find a streamlined interface with growing numbers of users on Operators of category pages for real estate, cars, jobs or events will find to a new, effective way, highly-skilled Besuchertraffic with Cost-per-click to the fixed price: cheap promotional prices without compromise as opposed to other Portals with easy Web relies on a simple and powerful concept of advertising for websites and portal operators: the success-oriented cost-per-click model offers a uniform and non-dynamic price per click and is therefore easily predictable for advertisers. “The success is Mehmet Kane right: with the beginning of the beta phase, has grown to a substantial number of daily users already after a few days of operation, and Google has indexed very quickly our new pages”, the Internet expert from Swabia is pleased.