A Story About A Real Estate Deal

A Story About A Real Estate Deal

It almost a month since your father left and still has not contacted you or your mother, she and other women and are very concerned, the day after one of them makes a terrifying discovery in a newspaper photo of your father and the other men killed by the army, the newspaper says your father and other men were important members of the guerrillas and were planning a major attack in the capital, your father is dead now after enduring so much to cry Like your mother, with each passing day it gets worse, your mother and are thrown into the street, though she became ill try to work seriously, you know it is with sadness of losing your father, are on the streets at night and is raining, you embrace strong to warm you remember what your father did the day he left and you tell your mother – “Mom I’ll take care of”

How could you not do it, I had promised to your father, the rain had finally stopped and the night turned into day with the sunrise, even your mother hugging you break a bit of it to say good morning but lets you see … : the source for more info. frightened, she is dead, died in your arms and did nothing to help salts and then running from there crying, continuous crying until no more tears in your body now you’re just no longer live but not die, after many days your instincts take over you, the day becomes night and you have so hungry steal food, but you get caught and will get you your using the little strength you have to flee, causing havoc throughout the square making more people coming after you, at first many but not catching so you let yourself become weary and go, fewer and fewer are now only six or seven those who persecute you, they are armed and not surrender to end fatigue beats you and you are trapped in a dead end, are unhappy and everyone has a machete in his hand, which seems the leader comes over and says, – “damn rat we’ve had hanging around all night, no I’ll just cut off the hands, if you cut the legs so you can not escape again,

“You you look at his face and immediately recognize what is the man who a few months ago your father saved, thank-you remember her face of that day was very different from what you have in that moment, another man comes over and says, – “you have no reason to live, no one cares in this world if you can not take care of yourself is simply not deserve to live “You do not do anything just look at them, the leader is about you, but then heard a scream of one of the men chasing you which was farther you, everyone turned to him while he falls dead and you can see a man in his hand is what looks like a machete, but is longer and seems to shine, some of the men shouted: – “what’s wrong you’re crazy !

But the mysterious man said nothing pounced on them at high speed and with his brilliant weapon kill them one by one until only the man who was going to cut the legs when he saw that this man dropped his weapon and kneel began to mourn for mercy, saying that he wanted to see their children, the mysterious man stood before he raised his gun and with one blow killed him, now the man walks towards you, you look in the eyes, approaches and telling reaches out with a smile on his face: – “I like to come with me” The noise of helicopters landing on the roof brings back, it seems that the reinforcements have arrived, look at your target lies dead at your feet and say – “a little late do not believe it, but still we must welcome them,” You press the handle of your sword, the wound on your arm hurts increasing but still not done, you set forth to run to meet your enemies.. .

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